Hello I have a ring in google sheet usermail ...

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Hello I have a ring in google sheet usermail with email access instead of entering the full email address I would like to write only the name example (rossi@gmail.com) I would like to write only reds it’s possible? thank you


Can you please clarify your request as I am not sure what a “ring in google mail” is, what “write only the name” means when your example is a full email address (rossi@gmail.com).

What do you want to enter in your app (eg: “Rossi”) and what do you want to have go in the sheet (eg: “rossi@gmail.com”).

If you clarify I am sure you can get some help

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In a google sheet I have a column with usermail function () I enter the employee’s e-mail address for convenience instead of writing the full email address I would like to write the employee’s name rossi@gmail.com example I would just write in the name (Rossi) I hope I explained myself

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@francesco_cannone Nope!

Sounds unnecessarily complicated!

Would be far easier to enter User info once, then simply choose from that list with one click, you wouldn’t even need to type their email address at all!

Maybe set up a SignUp form and if User uses their Smartphone, you can have the App just grab the UserName() & UserEmail() automatically!

Easy, good luck!

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I think I did not understand

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@francesco_cannone You will need to build a Parent/Child type app to enter Users/Employees and then be able to choose them with one click for a job, task, or whatever you are doing.

For better help, you will need to give us lots more details of what exactly you are trying to do.

See this “Order Capture” Sample App to see how this kind of Parent/Child App can be set up.

For starters, Copy this App and adjust for your needs.

Then maybe rebuild from scratch when you get things figured out. Order Capture - An app for managing customers, products, and orders. appsheet.com


If you have very few employees and can always be sure the email address is built from the first name and @gmail.com, this can be done easily by ENUM column or a calculated Virtual column with formula (eg: =Concatenate([fname],”@gmail.com).

I would use a calculated virtual column based on fname.