Hello, I have a rule set for an action, for i...

(Luis Flores) #1

Hello, I have a rule set for an action, for it not to be available under certain conditions. When I test the app the action appears but doesn’t work when the conditions aren’t met. Which is fine, but like with other actions, and as it worked before,

I don’t want the action to even appear. What might be the problem?

(Tony Fader) #2

@Luis_Flores The action button should be hidden if the condition is not met. Can you post the formula and an explanation of why the condition is not met (e.g. “because the value of Column1 is blank”).

(Luis Flores) #3

@tony Thank you! This is the statement:


In this specific case, both conditions in the OR statement are false. I’ve also tested it just as:

OR([ExecStatus]=“Closed”,ISBLANK([ExecStatus])), so both are false, and the action still appears. When I use the formula verifier I get “No” for that row, but it still appears.

(Tony Fader) #4

@Luis_Flores Hmm, seems okay. Can you give me the name of the app, the name of the action, and directions to navigate to a row in the app where the action is incorrectly showing up?

(Luis Flores) #5

@tony How can I share that privately?

(Tony Fader) #6

@Luis_Flores You can email it to support@appsheet.com, but make sure to include a complete description of your problem and steps to recreate it.