Hello, I have a webhook, posting data from a ...

(Daisy Ramirez) #1

Hello, I have a webhook, posting data from a “favorites” table to the “tasks” table. It works fine for some records but I recently ran across an error stating the following on the REST API Invoke:

“ResultError”: “Error: Value ‘59d2eda410e3d13d3173b2e4’ in field ‘list’ in table ‘tasks’ having key ‘e170f71b’ failed ‘Valid_If’ condition.”,

I’m reading this as the value 59d2eda410e3d13d3173b2e4

is failing the Valid_if conditions of the “list” field in the tasks table (the receiving table). When I manually check the value vs. the field to see if the data meets the conditions - it does.

Can someone assist? Is there another condition not visible to me I should be checking? Thanks

(Joan Duran) #2

Have you tried to add one register directly into tasks table with the same data? Just to check if the UI app gives you the dame error or not. Sometimes visual checking doesn’t help :slight_smile:

(Joan Duran) #3
  • dame = same
(Daisy Ramirez) #4

@Joan_Duran HI Joan, yes. I entered the same exact record through the standard task form and no issue or errors. What’s odd is the at it works flawlessly for the development user but no other user is able to insert a record using the webhook.