Hello I have an app built which is all good e...

(Tim O'Neill) #1

Hello I have an app built which is all good except for the fact that the date format does not replicate back to the excel sheet? Any ideas?

(Philip Garrett) #2


I did the following and it seemed to work.

  1. I copied the first 10 rows into an Excel worksheet. 2. In Excel, I selected all of the cells in the “Date Installed” column, right clicked on them, and formatted them in “Date” format. 3. I created an app. 4. I used the app to update two rows. 5. The updated values in the row appeared as valid dates in the worksheet.

Are you formatting all of the cells in the Excel worksheet “Date Installed” column as “Date”?

I ask because the number you are seeing in the “Date Installed” column, is Excel’s native date format. Excel stores dates as the number of days since Jan 1, 1900. For example, Jan 31, 1900 is stored as 31, Feb 1, 1900 is stored as 32, and so on. The numbers you are seeing are the number of days between Jan , 1900 and the date value you are entering.

If you do not format the field as a date in Excel, you will simply see the numbers of days between Jan 1, 1900 and the date you entered stored as a number. Excel will only display the cell values as dates, if you format the cells

as “Date”.

(Philip Garrett) #3


This article should help help.appsheet.com - Locale Support in AppSheet

If not, please provide more details regarding the problem. Locale Support in AppSheet help.appsheet.com

(Tim O'Neill) #4

@Philip_Garrett_Appsh thanks Phil. I cannnot solve my issue. I enter the date of 19/02/2018 in my app and it shows as 43150 in my excel sheet. If I format the row in the sheet the date reads ok but it defaults back to 43150 each time I open it

(Philip Garrett) #5


Can you provide: 1. Your account Id from the Account pane 2. The app name 3 The table name 4. The column name

That will enable us at look at the the app.

(Tim O'Neill) #6


tim@tjops.net.au Gateway SIT 10-Cable Date Installed

(Philip Garrett) #7


It appeared to work for me.

Here is what I did: 1. I opened the app. 2. I went to view “SIT-10” 3. I selected the record with the STATIONS-FROM-TO value of “646 - 645”. 4. I clicked Update and entered only the required fields. I entered the current date in “Date Installed”. I entered “testing” in the “Installed by” column so you can identify the row and undo the update once we figure out the problem. 5. I saved the change. 6. The change appeared in row 5 of the worksheet in the “Date Installed” in the format

Can you give me the exact steps to reproduce the problem? I may not be doing what you are doing?

(Philip Garrett) #8


I spoke too soon. I think I see what you are reporting. Is the problem that the date appears as a number in the worksheet column?

(Tim O'Neill) #9

@Philip_Garrett_Appsh correct. In the excel sheet in my google drive folder

(Philip Garrett) #10

Thanks Tim.

Let me look deeper. Not sure how long this will take.

(Tim O'Neill) #11

For some reason my sheet will not save the format. Every time I change and save the format it defaults back to text?