Hello - I have an app that has a primary view...

(Brian Russell) #1

Hello - I have an app that has a primary view that has a view type of table. When you select (click) on a record it takes you to a detail view. In the detail view I have a score field identified as a quick edit. My question is once the user enters the score and submits the record is there a way to set the app to return back to the table view? Currently they submit the record and then have to navigate back to the table view.



(Michael) #2

I don’t believe you can do this as long as you are using Quick Edits to make the changes. If you were making changes through the form you could have the form go to a specific view after saving.

(Brian Russell) #3

Thanks I was afraid of that


Hi @Brian_Russell1 Have you tried the new Quick edit Tables feature?

(Michael) #5

@Lynn Sorry to ‘hijack’ Brian’s thread but, since you mention the new feature: Should this be available in all accounts or is this being rolled out incrementally? This option doesn’t seem to be available to my account for any of my apps.


Hi @Michael Im not sure if everyone has it yet. I tried it for the first time today. Not sure when I got it as I think I was looking in the wrong place previously. I had been looking in tables when it is in UX options.

(Michael) #7

@Lynn I have looked in the UX editor of many table views of several of my apps and the option isn’t there yet.