Hello, I have an app that uses workflow rules...

(Marc Deaso) #1

Hello, I have an app that uses workflow rules to send SMS messages. I’m running into a problem where the text messages aren’t going through to certain phone numbers, while others have no problem. Has anyone else had this issue?

(Brian Sabino [appsheet]) #2

This article would be the first place to start help.appsheet.com - Troubleshooting SMS

Note that recipients can opt out of your SMS messages and if they do no further messages will be delivered (unsubscribe) Troubleshooting SMS help.appsheet.com

(Philip Garrett) #3


Were you able to resolve the issue?

(Marc Deaso) #4

@Philip_Garrett_Appsh @Brian_Sabino_appshee

Thank you for the fast response. I did some more testing and found that the app’s audit history within AppSheet shows the message being successfully sent, but the message still does not go through, messages were successfully received at the same phone number two days ago and the phone number was not opted out. I am still having difficulty pinpointing the source of the issue. I am using AppSheet’s default SMS channel, could this possibly be fixed by setting up my own Twilio SMS channel?

(Philip Garrett) #5


I can check the outgoing SMS log but need to know: 1. Your account id 2. App Name 3. Workflow rule or Report name 4. The datetime values from the Audit History of the SMS records you sent but did not receive. Please include the complete date and time values from Audit History so I can find them myself.

(Marc Deaso) #6


No problem.

Account ID: 592791

App Name: Valet Management

Workflow Rule Name: Dropped Text

Workflow rule timestamp from Audit History (UTC): 11/29/2018 6:57:54 PM

(Philip Garrett) #7


Twilio has attempted to send 22 SMS message to the phone number in that Audit history record between 11/01/2018 and 11/29/2018.

Two of those SMS messages were delivered and all the rest failed with the same error.

"(Error: 30003) Unreachable destination handset. The destination handset you are trying to reach is switched off or otherwise unavailable

9 messages failed on 11/01/2018 2 messages failed on 11/02/2018 2 messages succeeded on 2018-11-27 22:23:07 UTC and 2018-11-27 22:10:30 UTC. 9 messages failed on 11/29/2017

All of these dates and times are UTC.

I have the SMS log file in the form of a CSV file. I can send it to you by private email if you email me at philga@appsheet.com

(Marc Deaso) #8


Thank you for looking into it. This looks correct from what I’ve experienced. The device with that phone number was fully available during my tests and received messages from other phone numbers. I will look into the possibility of the carrier preventing the message from going through since this doesn’t seem to be an issue with AppSheet or it’s Twilio channel.

(Philip Garrett) #9


I hope you figure it out.