Hello i have data in my sheet(see picture) : ...

(עמי רצין) #1

Hello i have data in my sheet(see picture) : category, sub category and picture. i have used the formula in valid if to get a dependent drop down list of my category and sub category, however, it does not seem to work for the images as i get only one result of picture even if i have 2 pictures. any thoughts?

(Marc Dillon) #2

Which column is the dropdown list for? Pictures? Can you please post the valid_if formula that you have tried?

(עמי רצין) #3

I am trying to link the correct picture to the catalog number

(Marc Dillon) #4

This virtual column is in a separate table from the first sheet you posted?

What is the key column of your original table? Catalog Number? If so, and you set Catalog Number in your second table to be a ref to the first table, then you can just use the formula [Catalog Number].[Item Image].

As it is now you can maybe do a lookup(). Probably: Lookup([catalog number] , “table name” (sorry can’t read that language) , “catalog number” , “item image”)