Hello, I have developed a POS app for my wif...

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I have developed a POS app for my wife’s flower shop and I want it to control the open and close of a cash drawer.

I see that it is possible to wire a receipt printer to a cash drawer and control the open and close of the cash drawer through commands issued to the printer.

I see that it is possible to send print commands to a bluetooth reciept printer via Appsheet.

Has anybody got a way to send commands to a cash drawer from a device connected by bluetooth to a receipt printer wired to the cash drawer?

What hardware and software might work well to make this happen with appsheet?



(Julie Wills) #2

In general, to open a standalone till drawer, it doesn’t matter what you “print”.

“X” will suffice.

However, it sounds as though you’re looking at something where the till drawer is somehow daisy-chained via a printer (or is part of the printer itself) rather than a separate device, so you’d need to investigate how that manufacturer’s hardware and software implements what you’re trying to do.

(David Ackling-Jones) #3

Hey Julie, I did not know you could us a print command to open a stand-alone till drawer, that sounds great! How do you connect to your till drawer from your device running appsheet, and what harware is working for you? Cheers, David.

(Julie Wills) #4

We’re not using appsheet at all, I’m afraid. We have a proprietary system that runs on Windows. The till is configured as a text printer, and to open it, it just writes text to the printer port.

(I also wrote a little .bat file to open it manually.)

The till drawers themselves were supplied by a previous software supplier, before my time. They have an RS232 connection, so as we’ve updated computers, we’ve added a USB to RS232 convertor.

So I’m sorry I can’t help you from the appsheet perspective, but hopefully that’s open up some other options for you in general @David_Ackling-Jones

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Adding @Gil_Littman_AppSheet FYI for this scenario