Hello, I have problems with the initial value...

(Alfredo Pou) #1

Hello, I have problems with the initial values. In a field where an email must be entered, I put the customer’s email as the initial value = [Client Id]. [Email]. To be applied by default but can be changed if necessary (without changing the client’s registered email). Does not appear. To verify that the expression was correct, I created a virtual column with that app formula. The virtual column shows the client’s email, but if I put the virtual column as the initial value of the email field, it does not appear either. What am I doing wrong? It happens to me with several initial values in other fields as well.

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@Alfredo_Pou Hi Alfredo, I assume column “Client Id” is a reference column. In the form view, does this column come before or after the email column? If this column comes after the email column, this means that when the app user is filling out the email column, column “Client Id” is still blank. If this column is blank, the de-reference expression will also generate a blank value in turn. To fix this problem, you must position column “Client Id” in front of the email column. This allows the app user to first select a client, and once the client is selected, the email column should be automatically filled out.

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Actually it is not selected, it is already loaded. The customer is selected when the order is loaded and the CustomerId (from the customer table) is saved in the delivery table. At the time of delivery, the client is read only. In fact, the mail is shown in the virtual column. That’s why I do not understand why he does not take it as an initial value. It also happens with the document number, which is put as the initial value of the client’s document, but if it be picked by another person you must take that one, and it does not show it either.

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@Alfredo_Pou Could you give us the names of the relevant app, tables, columns, and views?

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The browser link:


And the

tables are “Entregas” and “Clientes”. On Form View of the Slice “Entregas pendientes” Translate

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We have the same problem. Somehow I found out that initial value works if you set this option on firsthand before performing numerous edits on your app. For instance, after importing the table from the app, go to your column immediately and set the desired initial value. Somehow, initial value property is not really that robust to explore with.

When I was not aware of this, I tried to solve the problem by recreating another app from scratch and then initial value worked.