Hello, I have three tables. Main data table (...

(Alper) #1

Hello, I have three tables. Main data table (sheet1) has multiple

location_uid rows, other one has unique list of [location_uid] and a corresponding regular address ( [loc_name] ) in same row. I created an enumlist dropdown of unique regular addresses in a v.column and let user select the location. I record user’s selection to a different table (settings) in same workbook. I want to filter main data table rows with security filter based on what’s selected as location, in (settings) table. So the selection will serve like a master switch and keep other records invisible across all functions in the program. I thought of using ref columns but in my case it seems I will need reference of reference which is not possible, according to some help page. The data table (sheet1) has location_uid but not regular addresses. Is it possible to solve this without adding the address column into sheet1?

(Tony Fader) #2

@Alper I don’t fully follow. But if you want to write something like this:

[Ref One].[Ref Two].[Some Column]

You can break it into two virtual columns.

The first virtual column Ref 3 can be [Ref One].[Ref Two].

The second virtual column is then [Ref 3].[Some Column].

(Alper) #3

@tony Your approach looks applicable, will try it, but let me summarize it once again in another way:

Final aim is to security filter() sheet1 rows, based on a hex number, which is not a human-readable descriptor. Therefore, a text description needed for each hex number.

Hex numbers and their text descriptions are available in sheet3.

The records will be filtered (make available) are decided with human-readable text description provided in sheet2 (a single-row table, but don’t have corresponding hex code).

(Steven Coile) #4

In table 3, make the hex number column the key column and the human-readable text description column the label column.

In table 2, make the hex number column a Ref to table 3. When the user views the Ref value, they will be presented the referenced row’s label column value (the human-readable text description).

The table 1 security filter should reference the Ref column of table 2.

(Alper) #5

+Steve Coile Hi, thank you for this answer, I made some modifications and your solution doing its job to display correct value in relevant UXviews.

Only problem was, Table2 has no HEX code column, it’s only row contains (dropdown selected) readable-text. Therefore I have flipped all of described above and they become:

“In table 3, make the readable-text column the key column and the hex number column the label column.”

“In table 2, make the readable-text column a Ref to table 3.”

This allowed me to see corresponding hex code for the given readable-text, in UXviews.

But in ‘view data’ of table2 and 3, theres nothing I can connect the table1 (after building refs), all the columns are containing their regular values, meaning I dont have anything (hex) to feed securityFilter in table1. I am sure I am missing something here but…?

I am adding a picture regarding to status of tables, but I feel that Its not possible to achieve what I want, due to ref_of_ref case.

(Steven Coile) #6

Go back to my suggestion. In table 2, replace the readable-text column with the hex number column.

(Alper) #7

It works! Thanks to both of you! +Steve Coile, @tony