Hello, I like to request one very critical fe...

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Hello, I like to request one very critical feature for every user and app creators which is blocking copy and paste or share the texts on detail page.

Even I disable the share button on the bottom navigation, you can easily select all data on page and you can easily share it through many applications. Would you consider adding the feature since I want to keep my data and information in the app?

(Grant Stead) #2

Almost no applications do this anymore, the screenshot is rampant… And so many different utilities are used like Google translate, etc.

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Using screenshot and typing all texts again is very different from easily copy and paste which is very time consuming. Not allowing anyone to copy and paste will discourage them from stealing creators’ contents. My app is mostly based on texts and I wrote them all and I want to keep my writings in my app. Since Appsheet already gave us option to disable share button on bottom navigation, I guess giving one more option can be another great feature.

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Thank you for your insight and suggestion. You are correct in long run, however we are constraint to budget but I still want to build some entry barriers into the field and delay any competitors to enter. Since Appsheet is very good at communicating with its users and very responsive, I wanted to let them know that the feature like blocking copy and paste of its users data would improve their security and enhance creators’ experience with their development tools.

(Grant Stead) #5

Some might argue that it would be better to have a strong legal stance, be first to market, and then allow some large company to “steal” your idea, then when they are massive sue the pants off of them after expending little to no resources actually developing your concept… (The legal stuff required can generally be found for free on the internet.) Look at Google vs Oracle, or Nikola vs Tesla…

(Levent KULAÇOĞLU) #6

And may be I can also make an addition that with recent Android and iOS updates, you can stripe text parts from a screenshot :blush:

(Grant Stead) #7

do you know of another modern application that has content that can’t be copied and pasted?

(13 hoursago) #8

yes eTrade, CNBC, TDAmeritrade, barchart.com applications.

Most of pages, except news sections, such as company profiles, financial informations and reports are protected from copy and paste.

(Grant Stead) #9

So, when I go to CNBC, where would I go to find something that can not be copied?

(13 hoursago) #10

have you downloaded the app and tried to copy and paste

(Grant Stead) #11

@13_hoursago No. is there information on the app that you can’t get from the website?

(13 hoursago) #12

You can copy and paste almost anything on any website however you can’t do it on their app.

(13 hoursago) #13

And you mentioned another modern applications not modern website.

(Grant Stead) #14

@13_hoursago In my experience, if someone wants information, they’ll take it. It doesn’t matter in regards to whether it should be a feature or not, lots of people want all sorts of things built into appsheet. I’m only pointing out that in the long run it’s very difficult to truly protect your intellectual property. So I guess i’m trying to provide an outlook and advice. Probably the best protection is a defensive legal strategy in which you ensure that you as a creator have legally turned over your intellectual property rights for each specific item you create to your company entity. Then you ensure your users have signed contracts with your company. Then you litigate anyone that uses your intellectual property without your consent. Just things to consider. I hope you’re not putting too much valuable information out there on the internet without at least those minimum legal safeguards. (The feature you requested would be a moderate deterrent at best, especially with overseas “value engineering”)