Hello, I’m working on your app and I’m trying...

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Hello, I’m working on your app and I’m trying to add related personnels table like in the attached picture from your site. However, I have some troubles with finding the way to do it? Would you be able and direct me into a tutorial/instruction for this? I’d appreciate your help. Kind regards, Tomek


Hi @Tomasz_LL If you have a look at Data > Columns> Carsales you will see a virtual column at the bottom called Related Personnels. This is a system generated column with the formula

REF_ROWS(“Personnel”, “Best YTD Sales”) Also have a look at the Personnel table where Best YTD Sales is a ref type column and source table is Car Sales.


@Tomasz_LL Also Max Sales, Best YTD Sales and Top Sales are virtual columns in the Personnel Table. If you have any more questions fell free to ask. I am familiar with this app.

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You can also read more from this article… help.appsheet.com - References Between Tables References Between Tables help.appsheet.com

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ist structure of my program, i don’t know why its not working.

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i would like to show contact end seller connected to contact details