Hello, I need a little help. So I am buildi...

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I need a little help.

So I am building a basic repair shop app. The app has three stages:

Detect -> Dioagnosis -> Repairs

Every row represents one problem and “moves” through the stages, I think I got that one right with slices and rowfilters.

My Problem is in the presentation of data between Detail View and Form View.

User B wants to enter a Diagnosis for a problem User A has created. He selects the Problem in the table view. App jumps to Detail View. Detail shows data of the Problem. Everything fine. User B wants to add the diagostic for the data. Presses the Update button. App jumps to Form View. In Form View all the data from detail view is repeated (as read-only) then down below comes the input fields.

How can i control de the data shown in Form View and switch of the unnecesary data? Where can I control the link between Detail and Form View?

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To control what displays in a form view, your best bet is a slice. My approach is to create a slice for every table I have, and to reference the slice everywhere instead of the table. The slice gives you the ability to control what data is available to your app (and thus to the user), and the ability to set the order in which the columns appear in a form.

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The order of the columns in the slice configuration determines the order the columns are displayed in a form. You can reorder columns in a slice configuration, something you can’t (easily) do with table columns.

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One way to hide “unnecessary” columns is

to mark them as HIDDEN (or set Show_If to =false) in the column definition. The downside of this approach is that the column is hidden in all views, not just in forms. If this doesn’t work for you, let me know and I’'ll share a slightly more complex approach.

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+Steve Coile

thank you. I will try zour suggestions. What I wanted to do was create a slice used for the detail view and a slice for the Form View. I tried that, but Appsheet didnt link the both views and I didnt find the option to create a link. Meanwhile I think I will use the order option of columns. So unnecesary data will go down and the input fields come up.

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@Jonas_Hoennebeck You shouldn’t need a separate slice for the detail view: you can change order and visibility of columns in a detail view with the detail view configuration itself.

Unless you’re doing some really unusual things, you really shouldn’t need too many slices at all. I would encourage you to scale down to only the one to allow you to affect the appearance of the form view, then try to use that one slice everywhere.