Hello, I need my app security split in 4 di...

(Ellie F) #1


I need my app security split in 4 different ways.

For View A there will be one user that needs to access all information within the app.

There are then View B,C,D that will need to have DIFFERENT restricted views with different columns in each view.

However view B may have ten different uses that use it, when a uses logs in i only want them to see information that is relative to them.

Is it possible to do this all within one app or is it better to have 4 different apps all pointing to the same data source?

Thank you in advance.

(Steven Coile) #2

Myself, I generally prefer a single app with restrictions built in. I don’t like the idea of trying to keep the security, behavior, and data of multiple apps coordinated. I feel it’s easier to synchronize all that with a single app. Ultimately, though, I think it comes down to what you’re comfortable managing.

(Ellie F) #3

+Steve Coile Thank You. I will attempt that approach. I may very well be back with questions as to how i limit the access dependant on the sign in… Ill see what i can learn. thanks

(Aleksi Alkio) #4

I agree with +Steve Coile. When all apps would use the same data, building 4 separate apps won’t help you basically anything. If different users should use different data and tha data size is big, then it could be better approach.


As Steve says, can start by seeing if a single app can handle what you want - makes upgrades a lot easier.

Might want to start here: Limiting Users to Their Own Data help.appsheet.com

(Ellie F) #6

thank you all so much for taking the time to reply. I’ll give it a go today.