Hello, I need to name a .csv file a specific...

(Taylor Felt) #1


I need to name a .csv file a specific name so it can be uploaded to an external program correctly, however, exporting .csv files is not a workflow so I cannot name it. Anyone know a trick around this?

(Simon Robinson) #2

Could you export directly from the spreadsheet?

(Taylor Felt) #3

@Simon_Robinson I guess that would be an option. It’d be nice to have an action on appsheet to do it though. It is time keeping data being uploaded into ADP… I may have to to connect it via API.

(Simon Robinson) #4

Assuming you’re wanting to allow someone else to do this…

you could make use of Google’s ImportRange function to pull in

specific data into a totally separate spreadsheet.

Then its live data, but they can’t modify the main spreadsheet used by the app.

support.google.com - IMPORTRANGE - Docs Editors Help IMPORTRANGE - Docs Editors Help support.google.com

(Taylor Felt) #5

Thank you, I will try this.