Hello I need your help : I have 3 table, 1...

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I need your help :

I have 3 table,

1 with all the Client (Code client(Key), Name, phone, , and postal code…) 1 other with the CA of the client on 4 years (Code client (key), postal code, CA…) 1 with the Region (Code postal (Key but only 2 digit), Name of the agent,)

To know which client belongs to the Agent, there is a formula who take only the 2 digit and compare to the table Region. For all the region who have the postal code like this 10000, the formula work, but for the one who have a code like this 01234 its doesnt work because appsheet remove the 0 in front of 01… If i put the column as a text its work but i lose all the data for my graph… And if the column is “Number” it doesnt work anymore.

PLease do you have a clue?

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@Sebban_Jonathan Keep your column as type text. Then, create another virtual column that converts it to a number using this kind of formula: NUMBER([Your text column])

Then, make your chart use the virtual column. You can mark the virtual column as hidden, if you’re only using it for the chart.