Hello, I use Hebrew language. Can the applica...

Hello, I use Hebrew language. Can the application support right-to-left languages? This is very important feature.

Hi, I’m afraid we currently do not support right-to-left text or languages. We are aware that this is an important feature for some of our users, and we will definitely take this into consideration when planning future development. However, at the moment we need to prioritize other more fundamental problems and thus won’t be able to address this right away.

To clarify, we do want and intend to eventually support right-to-left languages, but since this feature requires some fundamental changes to our UI, we need to first put in the time and effort to lay the necessary groundwork. As a result, we can’t promise any specific timeline for this at the moment.

@Harry+Dinh Nguyen Ok. Thank you very much for your response. This is the highest priority problem my users complain about. Hope there will soon be fix to this feature

Hi @Harry,

Is there any news on this topic?

@Jon_S I’m afraid we still don’t have a concrete timeline for this yet, but it is definitely on our list of features to implement.