hello!i want to ask a question,that i had se...

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hello!i want to ask a question,that

i had set dashboad view,but it show no thing! Is there any problem about it?

The function i had set a long time and had used a long time, but today it don’t show! @praveen

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Is it okay if I check your app?

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the account and app! please help to check it!@Aleksi_Alkio

(Aleksi Alkio) #6

There is something weird happening because the emulator doesn’t show the correct view name even if you press the right dashboard button 統計結果. We need to investigate this deeper.


There is a problem with the view called 缺失-報價確認錯誤統計 when trying to display the chart. You may need to temporarily remove this view or change the chart type. I’ll make a fix to avoid the error. Translate

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yes!after removing he view called 缺失-報價確認錯誤統計,when press the dashboard button 統計結果, it can show. thank you! @Aleksi_Alkio @Adam_Stone_AppSheet Translate