Hello, I want to ask if something changed wit...

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Hello, I want to ask if something changed with the Show column type, or how/when app formulas are computed while the user is filling up a form? I have 2 Show columns that are Page_Headers with Show_if constraints that allow either to be displayed based on the age of the user, which I compute in a virtual column [Month Age]. This branching worked yesterday, but today it’s only showing one of the two pages regardless of the age of the user, and the text I put in the Content field does not display either.

Update: removing the Show_if constraint makes the pages display correctly. I verified and tested the condition using the test function and they are returning the correct Y/N output.

(Dinh Nguyen Nguyen) #2

@Mobile_Tuberculosis Hi, please provide the following information so that I can investigate the problem:

1/ Account ID 2/ The name of the app 3/ The names of all relevant tables, columns, and form views 4/ A brief description of the steps that I can take to reproduce the problem that you saw. If I need to open certain views or forms in a certain order, please specify.

Thank you.

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So, basically what you mean is that the condition in Show_if is returning Y/N properly, but the corresponding page does not show/hide accordingly?

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Partly. The first page isn’t showing the text I put in the Content field (as if the condition works) but it shows all the fields in the page anyway, regardless of whether the condition returns Y or N.

(Dinh Nguyen Nguyen) #5

@Mobile_Tuberculosis The fix was just deployed only 25 minutes ago. We are still monitoring for bugs and issues, so feel free to let us know if you run into problems.

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Kindly give me your email since the reply is long.

(Dinh Nguyen Nguyen) #7

@Mobile_Tuberculosis You can send all of the requested information to support@appsheet.com

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Sent. Thank you

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UPDATE: I made it work. I copied the app formula and just used it directly on the Show columns instead of using the Virtual column. So if I were to guess, something’s acting up with the Virtual columns, since I didn’t even change the formula.

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UPDATE: I thought I made it work, but I only solved half the problem, it seems. The Show_if condition for the page is simple: [Month Age]<180, and the other [Month Age]>=180. I found that the branching works fine if the value is <180, but once it goes past that, both pages stop working - i.e. first page Content field does not show up but the fields do (they shouldn’t), and the 2nd page does not show up (when it should). @Harry I sent the information yesterday but I did not get any reply yet.

Also, one other formula stopped working properly when it did before. It’s a max() function. I’ll test with some data so that I can describe it better.

(Dinh Nguyen Nguyen) #11

@Mobile_Tuberculosis Sorry for the reply. We are currently rolling out new improvements to form elements, and these changes led to unexpected problems in a number of existing apps, including yours. We have just released a fix for this, and after testing a copy of your app, I believe the form is now working the way you want. Could you test your app to verify this? Also, if you find any problem related to the MAX() expression, please let us know.

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Well I needed to move on from the issue so I simply posted here and used a workaround. It worked when I stopped using a Virtual Column to compute for the age, and simply copied the formula over the column references all over the app. So unfortunately, the version you tested might be the one with the workaround. As of a few hours ago (12pm gmt -5), the issue was still present. When did you roll out the fix?

I’ll test the max function again when I get home.