Hello I want to build a site audit app with t...

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Hello I want to build a site audit app with the ability to create corrective actions from each inspection record. I have watched a few webinars to date but cannot find one to fit my request? I want each inspection to have a unique ID and have the ID referenced in any of the actions I create from that record?

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So… you looking for related tables, correct?

(Tim O'Neill) #3

i think so

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@Tim_O_Neill if you are the only one who is using the app, then it’s doable. But if two users or more are using the app, you will have duplicate number one day or sooner. You can read more about from this article… help.appsheet.com - Sequential Keys Sequential Keys help.appsheet.com

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Have you read the documentation?

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(Stephen Mattison) #7


Appsheet is perfect for what you want to do.

You can include photos,

GPS & Timestamps

for every step.

If I were you, I would build my own “unique” IDs that are easier for you to make sense of, rather than use the UNIQUEID().

You can also go overboard and build IDs including things like timestamp, counter, etc, but this gets complicated and causes your IDs to be long and ugly.

Maybe you need this, maybe you don’t.

I’d keep it simple.

The setup I use would probably work great for you.

I like to build my own IDs that are much easier for humans to discuss and refer to.

Mine are no where near as unique as UNIQUIID(), but with 6 digits I have about a million possibilities, and you can easily read and relate them.

I make the Key in my JobLog my Client + JobID, in my Invoices, the Key is Client + JobID + InvioceID.

Below is a look at what is recorded in my backend Sheet.

Not from same job, just an example of carrying an ID through every step like you want. Here’s a copy of the formula I use in my JobLog Table [JobID] Initial Value to build my simple JobID. CONCATENATE(“J”,RANDBETWEEN(10000,99999))

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Here’s the PDF Invoice my Customer receives automatically (in about 15 seconds) when I change my [Invoice Status] column/field to “Sent”.

You could do the same thing with an Inspection Report, or whatever. My JobLog has 10 before photos and 10 after photos, but I only send the first of each to the Invoice.

For really bad units like this one, I can also send off a full report with all photos that my Client can use to get Tenants to pay for damages without having to take them to court. Friendly request, add a nice Profile Image please, you’ll get better interaction.

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Where @Stephen_Mattison uses the ID for the client and shows it as well, I never do that. I always hide it and using it as internal use only. I believe it’s more better to show just client name and project name and some additional data like customer’s reference/order number. But as you can see, there isn’t just one way to do this and it’s good thing :slight_smile:

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Good points, yes some, maybe most will want a cleaner look for what the client will see.

The customer doesn’t need to see his customer number on his invoice, I’ve been meaning to pull that out of there. I built this carpet app solely to make the job of the owner/operator (me!) as efficient as I could, so seeing everything all the time really doesn’t bother me, and this was my first app, HAHA! Time for an upgrade!

With hundreds of invoices per year

for each client, I really have found it handy to have meaningfully succinct IDs linked together along the way, I can just glanced at something and know everything about it.

(Tim O'Neill) #11

@Stephen_Mattison This is great informtion thanks Stephen. Is there a way to change it that the entries are numbered concurrently rather than randomly?

(Stephen Mattison) #12


Yes, easy, see different ways,

but someone else will have to help with that, too complicated for me, and I don’r like sequential IDs.