Hello I was wondering if there was a way to a...

(Nate Moneypenny) #1

Hello I was wondering if there was a way to add a new sheet to a google sheets document from within AppSheet or do any new sheets need to be added from google docs?

Thank you

(Philip Garrett) #2


The approach you described it the way you might solve the problem if you were using a worksheet based approach and not using AppSheet.

AppSheet is based on modeling your data the way a database would do it. The AppSheet way would be to create two worksheets (and hence two corresponding AppSheet tables). One would be calls Birds. The other would be called Weights. 1. The Birds worksheet and table would have a key field that uniquely identifies each bird. The remaining fields in the table would contain the more or less fixed properties for each bird. For example, the fields might include the Species, Age, Male/Female, etc. 2. The Weights table might contain the following fields: a. Bird: A Ref back to the appropriate record in the Bird table for the specific bird you are measuring. b. The Date you measured the bird’s weight. c. The Weight of the bird on that date. d. Potentially other fields like the birds “Condition”.

(Aleksi Alkio) #3

I’m afraid that’s not possible automatically. You need to add that tab first manually before you can add it to your app.

(Philip Garrett) #4


Can you clarify why you are trying to add new Google sheets?

I ask because this question sometimes arises when the app design is based on creating a separate worksheet for each app user.

If that is your intent, we recommend taking a different approach. We recommend putting the data for all of your users in a single worksheet and using security filters to ensure each user can only see their own data.

(Nate Moneypenny) #5

@Philip_Garrett_Appsh I was wanting to try and keep the sheets organized on the table side of things and have a new tab for each of the Birds I am trying to keep weights for.

So if I added a new Bird I was wanting to add a new sheet to store the data in.

Its not a huge deal for I am the only one that is ever going to be using this app so I can always add the data needed on the backend.

I was just wondering if there was a way to do it from within the app.

I then they way I have it set up I am going to have to do things on the back end anyways unless I am missing ways to automate some of the other linking as well.

I am new to appsheet and with this being my first app created im still just learning the ropes so to speak.

(Nate Moneypenny) #6

@Philip_Garrett_Appsh Yes that is how I have it set up now. I have a sheet for Bird Names and A sheet for weights.

The Bird Names sheet has the bird name and a picture reference. The Weights sheet has the date weight was taken and the weight in grams. I have it displaying that information in a detail view that shows the birds picture and a line graph of their weights. I also have an app link attached to a name reference of the bird that goes to the table view f the data. Would there be a way to create all of that from within the app using actions and workflows or will I have to go in and do all of the linking on the back end if I were to add a new bird.

If you wanted to look at my app it is the Bird Weight V2 in my apps. Bird Weights uses the separate sheet for each bird. I have not added the app link in V2 yet like i did in the original.

(Philip Garrett) #7

You are definitely on the right track, but you need to make some changes to Weights.

Do this: 1. Add a WeightId column as the first column in your Weights worksheet. Move the remaining columns to the right. 2. Assign unique WeightId values to each row as described in this article help.appsheet.com - Manually Generating UNIQUEID() Key Values

3.Click Regenerate on the Data > Columns pane. 4. In the Weights table in the Editor make the WeightId field a Text field with an InitialValue of UNIQUEID(). That will automatically generate unique key values for each new row you add to the Weights table. 5. Make the Bird field in Weights a “Ref” to the Birds table. Specify “IsAPartOf” for the “Ref”. This is saying the Weights record are “children” of the Birds “parent” record.

Now in your table view you will see a list of the Weights records for each Bird. You can add a new Weights record by clicking Add next to the list. It will automatically link the new Weights record to the right Bird and it will assign the new Weights record a unique key.

I would rename table “Bird Names” to “Birds” because it is more descriptive. I would rename the “Bird Name” column to “Name” because you don’t normally repeat the table name in each field’s name. These last two points are not important. It is just the more database way of doing things. Manually Generating UNIQUEID() Key Values help.appsheet.com

(Nate Moneypenny) #8

@Philip_Garrett_Appsh Thank you for the help on that, I have implemented that into the V2 app. Is there a way to do a similar thing in creating the chart like I have in the V1 App? If so I cant seem to figure it out.

I can only get the chart working if I do a slice and use that for the data. I know im probably just missing something though…

(Philip Garrett) #9


Hopefully someone else in the community can help you with charting. I am not knowledgeable enough about that to help you.