Hello I wonder why my logo is not showing any...

(Rendall Narciso) #1

Hello I wonder why my logo is not showing anymore on my app header… I checked all the settings but I assume I am missing something. Do you have any suggestion for me? Thank you

(Praveen Seshadri (AppSheet)) #2

+Morgan Dixon . This is the new header design that is rolling out. It is more consistent with standard Android “material design” guidelines. Also, it frees up space on the header. The logos were so small that they were not really useful before.

(Rendall Narciso) #3


thank you for the answer. Actually I do not agree, the logo there was good for branding, but anyway… it’s done. Maybe you could have set an option for it. Have a nice day

(Challa Ramakrishna) #4

@Rendall_Narciso how do you get a small image in the column status ? I’m curious to know

thanks in advance.


@praveen Have long header names always blocked the action icons. I noticed today I had to reduce the number of words in my header as I couldnt acces the action icons

in the emulator view. They showed up on the larger tablet views ok.



(Rendall Narciso) #7

@Challa_Ramakrishna hello it is about the FORMAT RULES in the UX.

(Challa Ramakrishna) #8

@Rendall_Narciso thanks

(Praveen Seshadri (AppSheet)) #9

Adding +Morgan Dixon FYI