Hello! I would like some advice from those w...

(John Baer) #1


I would like some advice from those who have successfully published DEMO apps for unknown potential clients.

I am starting a business and looking for ways to minimize expenses.

My question is this:

Is there a way for me to publish a demo app that DOES NOT require a paid subscription but still allows user full access (e.g. Workflow emails, etc)

so they can see the full look-and-feel of the app before signing up as clients?

I have published my first white-label app as a demo on an unpaid plan.

I plan to give access to potential clients to try out.

The app will be wrapped into iOS and Android store apps that control customer access to the AppSheet app.

I want to have the full experience of what their apps would be like.

This is all functioning but because it is an unpaid plan, as expected, Sync functionality is disabled.

My plan is to copy the demo app and tweak for client needs and then place the client specific app into a paid subscription.

I am a little hesitant adding to monthly expenses for a demo app until I know I am getting some cash flow.

(Bellave Jayaram) #2

@John_Baer1, this is not an uncommon situation. However, this way of publishing DEMO apps is currently not possible in AppSheet in the Publisher plans.


(John Baer) #3



From my research,

I didn’t think so but wanted to see if there might be any bright ideas floating around.

I will just have to pay the subscription.