Hello , I would like to use the OpenWeatherMA...

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Hello , I would like to use the OpenWeatherMAP web-service in order to determine the local temperature at my place and fill it into an input field of a form. What options do I have? Is the

appsheet API functionality able to handle it? Any hint / help appreciated. Simon

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openweathermap.org - Current weather data - OpenWeatherMap Current weather data - OpenWeatherMap openweathermap.org

(Praveen Seshadri (AppSheet)) #3

@Simon_Wagner, you’ll have to get this data via a spreadsheet formula. Later this year, we hope to have actions in the app itself that can fetch live from a web service.

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OK, thx -> I’ve tried to go via EXCEL: Unfortunately the spreadsheet function

WEBSERVICE is not supported* and hence there doesn’t seem to be an easy solution (within EXCEL) Would that work on google sheets? * Error: The spreadsheet for ‘Weather-584403:1.000001:Weather’ uses an unsupported formula : Excel function ‘_xlfn.WEBSERVICE’ is not supported in formulas.

(Simon Wagner) #5

I found a solution using the google sheets function IMPORTXML. Synchronizing seem to be slow but it works. I wonder if WEBSERVICE in EXCEL not working is related to dropbox.

(Simon Wagner) #6

I start to understand the interdependencies given the data provider & spread sheet platform & available functionality. Given the missing AppSheet get webservice API function one needs to chose either google sheets or ( excel + Office 365 ) if one needs to integrate a webservice like OpenWeatherMap.

The help document below helps.

help.appsheet.com - Improving the Speed of Sync Improving the Speed of Sync help.appsheet.com

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Based on a professional AppSheet access one may work with google sheets and excel on dropbox in parallel. Problem solved.