Hello , I would like to use the OpenWeatherMA...

Hello , I would like to use the OpenWeatherMAP web-service in order to determine the local temperature at my place and fill it into an input field of a form. What options do I have? Is the

appsheet API functionality able to handle it? Any hint / help appreciated. Simon

openweathermap.org - Current weather data - OpenWeatherMap Current weather data - OpenWeatherMap openweathermap.org

@Simon_Wagner, you’ll have to get this data via a spreadsheet formula. Later this year, we hope to have actions in the app itself that can fetch live from a web service.



OK, thx -> I’ve tried to go via EXCEL: Unfortunately the spreadsheet function

WEBSERVICE is not supported* and hence there doesn’t seem to be an easy solution (within EXCEL) Would that work on google sheets? * Error: The spreadsheet for ‘Weather-584403:1.000001:Weather’ uses an unsupported formula : Excel function ‘_xlfn.WEBSERVICE’ is not supported in formulas.

I found a solution using the google sheets function IMPORTXML. Synchronizing seem to be slow but it works. I wonder if WEBSERVICE in EXCEL not working is related to dropbox.

I start to understand the interdependencies given the data provider & spread sheet platform & available functionality. Given the missing AppSheet get webservice API function one needs to chose either google sheets or ( excel + Office 365 ) if one needs to integrate a webservice like OpenWeatherMap.

The help document below helps.

help.appsheet.com - Improving the Speed of Sync Improving the Speed of Sync help.appsheet.com


Based on a professional AppSheet access one may work with google sheets and excel on dropbox in parallel. Problem solved.

Any update on this?

Hey David. I have been doing something similar using Zapier. The gist of it is:

  1. AppSheet sends a POST with relevant data (pkey, latlong, etc) to Zapier
  2. Zapier parses the data, performs an HTTP GET to openweathermap
  3. Zapier POSTS data back to the AppSheet record

As it is a multi-step trigger, it falls under Zapier’s paid subscription model. The service is about 25USD/mo on the lowest tier.

Also, refer to this related topic:


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Thanks for that not @Jonathon. I was preparing to go down the Zapier route to integrate with Appsheet. But given that a) there is no direct way to get the results of a web service call in AppSheet b) I cannot see a way to create json from multiple records in an appsheet table and c) Zapier is not free, as youve informed us.

I going to try to find another way to trigger / call the webservice

Best of luck with your investigations! Please post back here if you come up with a solution as I and others may be interested.

One small note though: I believe it is possible to generate a JSON string which includes multiple records in appsheet.

With constructing a Google Apps Script project, you can create your own webhook endpoint for AppSheet which will make a call to any REST API service and record the response back to your gSheet.

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Hello @Jonathon
After a holiday break and other things, Ive finally turned my attention to this and I believe I have something that works. @LeventK is correct in saying that Google Apps Script is the way to go. You need to call the web service using the google function UrlFetchApp, passing it the url and options, which itself can include authorization strings and an optional payload (JSON-format data).

Inside the script, you should also be able to call AppSheet API to update spreadsheet (Google sheets). I dont think you can update a rdbms datastore via the appsheet api.

It works, and there should be examples, etc. on the web, but if you get stuck I’ll see what I can do in the way of example code

Glad that there is a way to do this ‘natively’ with Google app scripts!

Unfortunately I backend my apps to SQL Server, so google app script isn’t quite as convenient :frowning:

You can create a standalone Google Apps Script, deploy it as a web-app and use its URL as a webhook endpoint which can connect to your SQL database thru ODBC.

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Sounds like a fun way to spend a wednesday night :upside_down_face:

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@Jonathon @David_Joyce @LeventK
If you don’t mind: I would be very happy with some Script examples :wink:

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Please do

Is this feature now available praveen? Fetch response from an API and use it in APPSHEET.


I’m agree with Simon_Wagner, If Appsheet can fetch json from php script, this endgame. Appsheet winner !