Hello. I'd like to buy 10 user licenses for ...



I’d like to buy 10 user licenses for my company, but accounting tells me they need specific company information in the invoice, is it editable after payment information is filled?

Thanks in advance.

(Reza Raoofi) #2

I suggest emailing to: sales@appsheet.com


Many thanks, i just did when i saw your comment.

(Philip Garrett) #4

+Jorge Martinez

If you want the invoice to include more details about your organization, please send us the relevant information and we can include it.

As Reza said, you can send the invoice data you need to add to sales@appsheet.com

They will get back to you Monday, Seattle time.


@Philip_Garrett_Appsh Thanks Phillip, i just sent the information to sales@appsheet.com as instructed. Cheers.