Hello, I'd like to know if any of you have a...

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I’d like to know if any of you have already faced this problem (image below) :

I’m trying to use the function MID When I Verify and Test the function it shows me the answer that I want (First column = Expression Result) … however, as I apply the formula in my appsheet, it gives me the weird result shown below (last column = Desirable Text)

Does anyone knows how to fix it?

Thank you a lot in advance!


Hi @Luiz_Felipe_Penna_Va What does it look like when you expand it in the expression tester. When you click on the down arrow/icon?

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Hello @Lynn! Actually it looks all right, I guess … It shows the right result (the one that I’d like in the app)


Ok, Sorry I cant help, not sure why that is happening.

(Luiz Felipe Penna Vallilo) #5

@Lynn No problems at all!

There must be some bug with MID() function

Btw, i’ve managed to solve my problem by re-writing the formula without using MID()!

Thanks for your time!