Hello! I'm building a simple rating and surv...

(Joseph Bates) #1


I’m building a simple rating and survey app.

After the user hits the end of one of two branches they hit the save button.

I’d like to take them to a thank you page after that.

I could easily make that a URL and or can I set up an in-app thank you page?

Any help would be appreciated.



Hi @Joseph_Bates, there are a couple options to do this. For an in-app thank you page you could create a Detail view control (UX/Views) based on a table with one row that displays the thank you message, for example using Show-type columns or Text/LongText/Image columns. You would then need to make a form view control and set the “finish view” of the form to go to the thank you view. Or if you want to send them to an external URL for the thank-you page, you can create a Navigate-URL Action (Behavior/Actions) pointing to your thank-you URL and connect that to the Form Saved event at the bottom of the form view control.