Hello, I'm desperate. need help please :-) l...

(Jack XY) #1

Hello, I’m desperate. need help please :slight_smile:

looking to build quite a simple app that I just can’t get running.

I need to keep an attendance list of a group for a recurring event (weekly course). The course fees are charged per session/only at attendance, and can be paid weekly or with any amount at any time, so I need to keep track of the balance of each student.

basically *add event *check attendance of group (students can be added any time) *track payments *show balance per student.

Anyone willing to help?? especially with the structure thx, jack

(Kara O'Neill) #2

I would suggest using a related table structure through references since it appears you can have multiple events. This also sounds like you’re going to need to use some select functions to be able to sum a balance of total paid by the student. If you are still running into dead-ends next week, I could probably help out.

(Jack XY) #3


Hey Kara, thanks so much for your help. Unfortunately, I am a real beginner. So I will probably not manage without your help :wink: Let me know if you’re available to chat or something…