Hello! I'm doing an app to get data. This dat...

(Jose Lloret Selles) #1

Hello! I’m doing an app to get data. This data contains decimals, so in the properties of columns I set decimal type. To introduce a decimal number it’s necessary to put comma (,) and when I use the app and introduce this data, the comma button is not at the main keyboard of the mobile. I need to change at the other page of the keyboard to find it. I show you a couple of pictures as example. Anyone know how can i change this configuration to have the comma button at the main keyboard?

Thank you!


Hi @Jose_Lloret_Selles have you tried downloading a different keyboard for your phone. Or checked out the settings to see if there are other options.

(Aleksi Alkio) #3

Sometimes it helps if you add an initial value where you have that comma already and you don’t need to “find” it.

(Test Birimi) #4

@Jose_Lloret_Selles I’ve had this situation, you can use point(.) instead of comma(,), no problem

(Jose Lloret Selles) #5

@Test_Birimi Thank you! I have tried and it works perfecttly. Thank you so much!