Hello! I'm new to Appsheet I am using the fre...

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Hello! I’m new to Appsheet I am using the free plan for a test application. As I advance in the development of it by adding new tables (20) and columns (40), the Appsheet platform becomes slower. ? This is because I have not yet contracted a payment plan? ? If I subscribe to a payment plan, the connection to the Appsheet platform will improve in such a way that allows me to finish with the development of the application and then implement it? I have an internet connection of 60 Mbps upload and 10 Mbps download, is it enough? Thank you very much!

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You can read more about from these two articles…

help.appsheet.com - Improve the speed of Syncs with data updates

https://help.appsheet.com/performance-scale-reliability/performance/improving-the-speed-of-sync Improve the speed of Syncs with data updates help.appsheet.com

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Try turn off Lastpass Chrome extension if you r using



Hello Gustaro.

Delete all the blank rows and columns from all your sheets from which you are fetching the data. This shall improve the performance.

In the test mode, you can select the plan type and test the sync speed, you don’t need to pay for it.

Regards, GoodFlow!

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Thank you very much to all! Your contributions have helped me to realize that the problem of slow iterative development was due to the fact that it had active instant translation of Google Chrome.

Thanks and regards!