Hello, im not a programmer nor computer expe...

(Patrick Soedjono) #1


im not a programmer nor computer expert, sorry if my question is basic. I already make a database app with appsheet, it similar with phonebook (name, address, etc). My problem is i have too much data and some people name have same sounds but different writing, ex: Eric, Erict, Erick, Erric. So if i want to search their name, i just type ‘Er’ (part of name) and appsheet will show all of ‘Er’ name. But sometimes there too many name to show.

Is it possible to make a combine search, people with ‘Er’ name and ‘xxxx’ address (part of address)? So the list shown will be shorter.

Thanks in advance

(Jacob Lin [AppSheet]) #2

Can you elaborate a little more on what you’re trying to do? Are you searching via the search function in the actual app or are you trying to do something with Expressions in the app editor?

If you’re using the in-app search function, that’s exactly how it’s supposed to work: It looks for any entry that contains whatever you typed in it. This includes things that aren’t necessarily the name, such as the address or phone number.

(Aleksi Alkio) #3

@Jacob_Lin_AppSheet Patrick wants to use search with two criterias.

(Jacob Lin [AppSheet]) #4

Searching with two criteria is not possible in-app. The closest thing you can get to that is making a new view which groups the entries by some value and then searching in that view.