Hello, I'm struggling with the slices. I ha...

(Mark O'Keefe) #1


I’m struggling with the slices. I have an order creation table. In the table, I can place different types of orders. (i.e 1=Exchange, 2=batch delivery). Variable names in the table (order type, customer id, location).

In order type 1 I would like the location to be pre-selected by the user based on the customer ID. In order type 2, I would like the person placing the order to select the location.

Is it possible to select or not select the table based on the order type?

Help appreciated.



(Mary Jane Pender) #2

Hi Mark, I’m not sure I understand your question.

What table are you trying to select based on Order Type?

(Mary Jane Pender) #3

I wonder if you could put in an app formula like IF(NOT(ISBLANK([_THISROW].[Customerid])),[Customerid].[Location], “”).

where ,[Customerid].[Location] is assuming a De-ref with the customer table.

Make sure that the Location column has Required unchecked.

Not sure if I have this exactly right but something along those lines.

(Mark O'Keefe) #4

thanks @Mary_Jane_Pender - I’ll try to implement that type of logic and see if it works.



(Mary Jane Pender) #5

You are welcome.

Let us know if it worked.