Hello, I'm trying to SORT dependent dropdown...

(Walter Stocker) #1


I’m trying to SORT dependent dropdowns in the Valid_If field using…


I’m successfully getting the 1st dropdown to appear sorted alphabetically, but the dependent dropdowns break (they SORT properly, but no longer work as “dependent” on the previous dropdown selection).

Am i doing something wrong or is this the expected behavior when introducing SORT into the Valid_If?

The dependent dropdowns work properly if i remove the SORT() from all associated dropdown columns.

(Walter Stocker) #2

i’m able to get the functionality i am looking for by using the work-around of…

Valid_If: SORT(table_name[Column_1])

… to the first dropdown and then, for subsequent dropdowns, using a…

Valid_If: SORT(SELECT(table_name[Column_2], [Column_1] = [_THISROW].[Column_1]))

…expression appropriate to the Table and Column(s) in question

(Aleksi Alkio) #3

Excellent :slight_smile: