Hello! I'm working on a typ of logsystem fo...

(Christopher Tønnesland) #1


I’m working on a typ of logsystem for my driving to and back from work. Anyone else done something like this that would be able to give me some ideas?

I want it to pin my gps, so when i start my trip i can just push start and in the sheet it will tell me my gps location. Then when the trip is over i push end trip and i can fill inn my total km(miles) on the car and it caluclates the different between start km and stop km to find the km for that trip, and give it a timestamp.

I paste in an ex.

(Aleksi Alkio) #2

You can read the start and end location with the HERE() expression. You can also calculate the distance between these two locations with the expression DISTANCE. Please remember that it will calculate it with the direct “line”, not through roads like Google Maps.