Hello in "WorkFlow" I found a good option "sa...

(Lavanderias El Sol) #1

Hello in “WorkFlow” I found a good option “save file” that will be very useful, to generate a pdf and save it in the cloud (without generating an email), however there is not an option “Page Size” is very necessary for me.

when creating an email, in the Attachment part there is an option that says “Attachment Page Size”…

How can I control the pdf sheet size in this “Save file” option? Will they put this option soon?

thx a lot…


Adding @Philip_Garrett_Appsh

(Fabian Weller) #3

Good point!

(Lavanderias El Sol) #4

there are two options that are needed …

“Attachment Page Orientation” & “Attachment Page Size”

They are very important, to use in printers tickets, and on other (not A4) size papers !!


Any advance ?

(Philip Garrett) #5

I have implemented the “Attachment Page Orientation” and “Attachment Page Size” properties for the “Save File” action.

If testing goes well, the feature will be released on Monday afternoon 3/18/2019 Seattle time.

(Reza Raoofi) #6

Wow! Thanks for the quick response and the update @Phil :+1:t3:

(Lavanderias El Sol) #7

THX, very much, thx


Once again, the Appsheet response speed is amazing!