Hello! Is it possible to include "new line" c...

This works well. However…

I’m using a table in a template, with multiple field references in the right-hand column across many rows. It’d be nice to have some rows appear conditionally. Thus:


This method will not work in that case; the actual html of the table causes an error for each table row traversed by the line-broken literal:

(I can’t post the text of the error here for the same reason)

It would be nice if that could all be escaped, but I wouldn’t have any idea how to do that, much less do it and make the html still be effective in creating the table. :-\

CRLF is pretty simple, so I can see how that can work. Unfortunately it can’t handle anything more complex (note that I tried tripple quotes to break the literal up; it didn’t work with single quotes either).

It also can’t handle comments in the template document (which is darned unfortunate, since documenting what the heck one is doing with complex conditionals in a template would be handy to have in the document itself using something one would hope would be totally meta, such as document comments), as someone has noted elsewhere. Here, the word “Level” (a fieldname) has a comment attached to it:


Maybe this?

  "This is line one”,
  "This is line two",




Im not sure if it works, but it has been marked as solution in other posts

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