Hello! Is there a way to email all at once ev...

(Tara Holladay) #1

Hello! Is there a way to email all at once everyone in a particular table? What I was hoping to do was hold-select a row (profile), which allows me to multi select

more profiles (maybe even select-all) and then in the right hand menu, select “email.” However, the only thing showing in the right hand menu when I multi-select is “delete.”

Is there another way to email all? (not on a schedule {workflow}, not because of a data change {action}, but just because I want to at any particular moment in time.)

As in, to let my members know of an upcoming event.

(Grant Stead) #2

Yes. But you do it through a data change. It seems rudimentary, but you simply have a dummy column…

@Aleksi_Alkio I’m not by my computer, can you hook Tara up with a link to your NOW() solution for this.

(Aleksi Alkio) #3

“Data change” is not needed. You can do that with the action button. You should also show the action as “Display Inline”.

If you want to trigger the action with the button, you should have an additional field in your table… like [PDFTimestamp]. Write the value for this column with that action by using NOW(). When you press that button, it will write the now value.

Then you can make a condition rule for your workflow like AND(ISNOTBLANK([PDFTimestamp]),[_THISROW_BEFORE].[PDFTimestamp]<>[_THISROW_AFTER].[PDFTimestamp]). This will take care of the process. This won’t trigger the email if you change any other column in your record.

(Tara Holladay) #4

@Aleksi_Alkio Question… (But first, Thank you!!) I’ve implemented what you suggested, and yes, it emails everyone! However, I want to be able to edit each email before sending, just as if I was only emailing one person how it takes me to my mail server. With what I just implemented, an email sends automatically without further edits from me. Any way to change that? Or I would even be happy with a way to export all the email addresses as a text file to paste into my email server’s composer window.

Basically, I want to send an entire group a quick custom email at any point in time. That email will be different every time, since it will be reminding them of a meeting that will be on different days or for different reasons.

(Aleksi Alkio) #5

It won’t work with your existing column structure. You need to think it from another direction.

Create a simple email table into your app. In generally three columns could be enough. Subject, Body text and Emails. Add a new email, write subject and body and choose emails. Without knowing your structure, you could read emails with a SELECT expression as well if you want to send that email to all.

(Tara Holladay) #6

@Aleksi_Alkio Here’s the solution I came up with to mass email people in a table or slice. I combined both of your suggestions. I thought I’d lay it all out in case someone else searching this community ever has the same issue.

This is for an app that manages a choir sheet music library and a large choir; along with the directors, chairmen, pianists, etc of the smaller choirs that come together to make the large choir. I created an additional table (EMAIL MESSAGES) with these columns:

[Date:]-- NOW(),

[From:]-- Enum with my 3 users’ names,

[From Email:]-- Enum

[To:]-- Enum of 2 different groups of people we email regularly (“Stake Choir Members”, or the “Directors and Presidents” of each of the 8 smaller choirs) [Subject:] – text [Body Paragraph 1:], – longtext [Body Paragraph 2:],-- (optional) longtext

[Salutation:]-- Enum (Thank you, See you there, Until next time, etc.) [Date/To] – virtual column, and my “key”: =CONCATENATE([Date:],[To:])

Then, I created a workflow in the behavior section to trigger an email:

Target data: the EMAIL MESSAGES table.

Updates on: “ADDS_ONLY”.

Condition: = AND(AND(ISNOTBLANK([Date/To]),[_THISROW_BEFORE].[Date/To]<>[_THISROW_AFTER].[Date/To]),([To:]=“Stake Choir Members”)) That expression triggers the email every time “Date/To” is filled out AND the email is [To:] the choir members. Send to: =[From Email:] so I can BCC the real recipients Subject: <Subject:> Email Body: I’ll get back to this after explaining the next parts. CC: the email addresses of the bosses of the organization BCC: =Choir Roster[Email Address]

“Choir Roster” is a table in my app Reply to: =[From Email:] Pre-header: I changed the auto-generated expression a bit. <<Body Paragraph 1:>> by ‘<<USEREMAIL()>>’ at <<NOW()>> Email body template: I clicked “create”, then waited for it to generate a DocId= number and clicked “view”. It takes you to a google doc with all your column fields and their labels. I deleted all except the parts I wanted to show up in the email. That template now looks something like this:


<<Body Paragraph 1:>>

<<Body Paragraph 2:>>



Then I went back up to the “Email Body” section and pasted that same DocId number, so the body of the email generates according to the template I just created.


I then duplicated the whole workflow rule (to account for the other group of people I email) and changed the condition expression to include “Choir Directors and Presidents” instead of the choir members.

THEN, in the UI/UX area, I added a form view to my menu of that EMAIL MESSAGES table.

So, now when I go to my menu, I click on the “Email” option, and I’m taken to a form. I fill it out (most of which is Enum drop down menu except the subject and body paragraphs), and click save. 10 seconds later, there’s an email in my inbox.


Sorry. I’m excited. And my brain hurts.

(Aleksi Alkio) #7

Well… brain hurt is very normal. Nothing to worry about☺