Hello, Is there any way to launch the applic...

(Mohamed Gaber) #1


Is there any way to launch the application on a web page offline?

(Tony Fader) #2

@Mohamed_Gaber No, right now you need to have an internet connection in order to initially load the webpage. Once it’s loaded, you can go into offline mode, though.

(Mohamed Gaber) #3


On my android, the app launches perfectly offline. So I was thinking to find a way to run the android app on PC and this way, it should launches offline. Do you think that might work?

(Tony Fader) #4

@Mohamed_Gaber I’m not sure, it’s worth a shot, if you can find an android emulator to run the app. I’m unfamiliar with this, though.

(Bellave Jayaram) #5


I would be curious to learn what you find about launching the app in the Android emulator in a browser (or using an apk) when offline and whether data gets synced when the internet connection is restored.

(Mohamed Gaber) #6

@tony @Bellave_Jayaram @Stephen_Mattison Hey everyone.I have tried it and it actually worked!! Here is what I did: I installed Android studio emulator from google, then retrieved an APK file for my Appsheet App and installed it on the emulator. I turned off the wifi, launched the emulator and then the app and it launched very well. I entered some data while still offline and then closed the emulator and restarted my PC, after the PC started I reopened the emulator while still offline and the app launched with the data that I entered still stored and ready to be synced. I connected the wifi again and synced the data and it was synced with no problems.

I think this might be a good idea for those who want to launch the app offline on PC. I also recommend using bluestack instead of Android studio as it’s much easier and faster for that little goal.

(Stephen Mattison) #7

@Mohamed_Gaber Hey great work! Thank you so much for the follow-up walkthrough! I love it when people invent new ways to function this amazing Appsheet platform! #AppsheetHack

(Tammi Canelli) #8

This is awesome! Thanks for researching and sharing!