Hello, I've been struggling with API Integrat...

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Hello, I’ve been struggling with API Integration for these few days. I am trying to make a copy of data I add to a table automatically, means when I add a new row on “A Table” I also want that data to be copied automatically to on “B Table”. I follow the Documentation and try to figure it out BUT I still can’t get any result. Could Appsheet Team or anyone please help me to solve it? Thank so much.

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Hi, could you describe how you are doing this? Are you using a workflow rule with a webhook? @Philip_Garrett_Appsh

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I can investigate if you provide: 1. Your account id 2. Your app name 3. The table names of the source and destination tables. 4. A description of what you are currently trying. 5. A description of the error or problem you are seeing.

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Thank Praveen and Philip. I actually used workflow rule with a webhook. I read the documentation on how to integrate API with workflow rule and I also followed the example there by enabling IN integration and use the App ID and also access key to put in webhook setting. And I also try to configure a JSON body template too but after a few days trying I still can’t get any result.

  1. Account ID: 745033 2. App name: SocheaShop (In Khmer សុជាលក់ភេសជ្ជះ) 3. Table source: (In Khmer ទំនិញលក់ចេញ) Table destination: (In Khmer វិក័យបត្រ) 4. I’m trying to: every time I add a new record in the table source, I also want that data to be copied automatically into the table destination (If I make any changes to a table, it won’t effect another). 5. For the error of problem, I couldn’t see any. After I configured everything in already, it looks just fine but I can’t get the result.
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The best way to diagnose problems with webhooks and the API is to use the Audit History. The Audit history will show you exactly what is going wrong.

See these two articles:

help.appsheet.com - Troubleshooting Webhooks


In your case the problem is the webhook JSON body. You should do two things:

  1. Clear everything in the “JSON Body” property. You should only specify the JSON body in either the “JSON Body” property or the “JSON Body Template” property. You should never specify both. It is easier to use the “JSON Body Template”, so clear the "“JSON Body” completely. 2. Your “JSON Body Template” is not specified in the correct format. Current the “JSON Body Template” is specified as an HTML document. It must be specified as a .txt file. The easiest way to create a valid JSON Body Template is to click the “Create” button. It will generate a properly formatted JSON Body Template. 3. After fixing the JSON Body Template, try the workflow rule again, and look at the Audit History to verify that the webhook is being triggered and the API is being invoked with no error. Troubleshooting Webhooks help.appsheet.com
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Thank, but I still wonder if “local”, “location”, “timezone” cause any problems that make the API doesn’t work.?

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If possible, could you make a video explain how to configure it, that will be wonderful. Thank.

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The Audit History indicates that you most recent API call at 11/13/2018 8:48:02 AM is failing with the error “Row having key ‘LWKYvMiA’ not found”. Does table “វិក័យបត្រ” have a record with that key value?