Hello, I've been using appsheet for a few mon...

(Ryan Maloney) #1

Hello, I’ve been using appsheet for a few months and have nothing but great experiences with it so far and look forward to building more functionality into the apps. One issue I seem to be having is I’m trying to replicate one of our companies internal work orders. It would have the date, customer, technician etc on the form which is easily done. Now what I would like to have is the ability to add multiple tasks in one form which would then add separate rows in the google sheets document. Each row would have the date, customer name, technician name etc but have the different tasks added.

Is this something that can be done? Can somebody point me to a help article possibly to get started.


(Stephen Mattison) #2

@Ryan_Maloney Yes, this can easily be done in your App!

Check out the “Order Capture” Sample App to see how to set up Parent/Child relationships.


You’ve already done the hard part, good job!! Sample mobile apps for common scenarios appsheet.com