Hello, Just since a few days appsheet has b...

(Westmount Transportation) #1


Just since a few days appsheet has been creating this jpeg/map view out of an address field.

First, why since for years it just geocoded the address in text format.

Second, I like the concept but how to modify default parameters, such as smaller jpeg and more zoomed in?

(Aleksi Alkio) #2

This is quite new feature and you could request these in here… www.appsheet.com/feature-requests

(Westmount Transportation) #3

Ok but how to revert it and why did it change to produce this map view without my consent or doing?

(Aleksi Alkio) #4

Add a format rule for your address field and set it as “Text”.

(Westmount Transportation) #5

OK that’s what I thought but… the fact that it changes behavior without prompting me is inconvenient to say the least.


@praveen @Philip_Garrett_Appsh I don’t think this makes sense as the default behavior for Address types. LatLong coordinates aren’t usually meaningful outside the context of viewing a map, so it’s probably good for LatLong. For an Address, showing a map is probably not very useful in many cases compared to showing the text of the address. But particularly if the map replaces the text of the address so you can no longer actually even search for it - it’s effectively omitting the address from the report.