Hello, My spreadsheet is set up as follows....

(Danni Paige) #1


My spreadsheet is set up as follows.

I have many different sheets within the same spreadsheet, many of which are used as references.

One of my sheets references the Job Number which is on the main sheet and then has the Item and Total Price of the Item. Some will have the same Job Number as that Job has multiple items.

On the main sheet,

each job is listed with its own unique Job Number there is a column that says ‘Total Amount’.

Is there a formula I can use in the Total amount column to add up the Total Price of each item in the other sheet, that has the same Job number?

(Aleksi Alkio) #2

If I understood you case correctly, you might need SUM(SELECT(Items[Total Price],[Job Number]=[_THISROW].[Job Number]))