Hello my users are getting this error: Value ...

(Daisy Ramirez) #1

Hello my users are getting this error: Value ‘Deleted’ in field ‘status’ cannot be converted to type ‘Enum’.

I have several status fields across 25 tables and have updated the columns to ‘Allow other values’ and have inserted the ‘Deleted’ option into the Enum but I’m unable to get the data to post from my user phones.

I continue to get the same error and am trying not to lose the data the users have posted. Is there a way to grab this data and then deal with the field?

Any help would be great.

(Daisy Ramirez) #2

RESOLVED. At the device, users can choose to RESET or DISCARD changes.

(Praveen Seshadri (AppSheet)) #3

Doing that would lose their changes.

For the future, please see “Recovery Mode” in this doc. help.appsheet.com - Errors During Sync Errors During Sync help.appsheet.com

(Daisy Ramirez) #4

Thank you