Hello, please, i need help. I need smaller...

(Jan Kurecka) #1


please, i need help.

I need smaller images in workflow emails. I know there is a format rule, which

I´m using it (tiny pics). But no effect in emails. I have Order capture app, that format rule needs to be on which table? Orders or Products? Do i need to use table with images?

There is a condition, what expression is ok for this?

Really sorry for my english, hope you understand my problem.

Thank you for your advice.

(Philip Garrett) #2


I am not sure I understand your question. Forgive me if this is not helpful.

I assume that the image you are using in your workflow template is coming from a field in one of your tables. The image format rule needs to be define on the table containing the image field.

(Jan Kurecka) #3


that is correct. You understand my problem.

I have that format rule on table Products and column Image. Workflow templates - Image size - Tiny

I think problem is condition expression. Return must be Yes/No which Image is not.

(Philip Garrett) #4


Where are you specifying a “condition expression”? You are do not required to specify a condition on the format rule for the image.

(Jan Kurecka) #5

Right under table choosing. Condition to check before formatting.

It has no effect, with or without expression.

(Jan Kurecka) #6

First picture - Produkty = Products, table which contains product images. Second picture shows my problem.

(Philip Garrett) #7


Thanks for providing the example. It enabled me to find and fix the problem.

The image format rule was not being applied when the image was obtained using a dereference expression.

If testing goes well, the fix will be released on Friday afternoon.