Hello. Some of my dashboard views are not sho...

(Matheus Rodrigues de Souza) #1

Hello. Some of my dashboard views are not showing the composing view entries names correctly (photo attached). Is there anyone else facing the same problem?

(Gonzalo Escudero) #2

Hi, i have the same problem. Did you manage to fix it?

(Matheus Rodrigues de Souza) #3

Not yet. I’m waiting for the appsheet experts :stuck_out_tongue:

(Gonzalo Escudero) #4

It is driving me crazy. I dont know what did I change. Yesterday it worked perfectly.

(Morgan Dixon [AppSheet]) #5

Thanks for pointing this out! We are rolling out a new pull-to-sync feature this week and it looks like it’s not playing nicely with dashboard views. We’ll fix this problem ASAP, and will notify the community when the feature is more stable.

(Morgan Dixon [AppSheet]) #6

OK, this issue should be resolved. Thank you for your patience!