hello someone can give me some suggestions! :...

(francesco cannone) #1

hello someone can give me some suggestions! :slight_smile: “RAMP” column with safety filter in the column I enter the surnames of the users connected to a table with useremail when I insert a user everything is fine. I can also insert 2 surnames together as if from a picture what I would like to do is to distinguish the input of the data that the 2 users perform it’s possible?

(Praveen Seshadri (AppSheet)) #2

Hi Francesco, unfortunately I do not fully understand the question. Could you clarify please with some more detail? Thanks

(francesco cannone) #3

Hello in a FLIGHT table insert the name of the employee LUCA in the RAMP column he will see the data of the whole row. the FUEL table is used to input data from the employee. In the RAMPA column, I can insert 2 users together with the example LUCA / SIMONE in this way all 2 will see the same data. how can I specify who inserts the dasti in the FUEL table since both can enter data