Hello. SWITCH(MAX(SELECT(TEMP[changecount], ...

(서동빈) #1


SWITCH(MAX(SELECT(TEMP[changecount], IN(today(),LIST(TEMP[days])))),



I use this formula for table permission about updates, adds, deletes, read-only. This is on ‘are updates allowed?’ question in Tables Tab.

I made virtual columns has formula

‘MAX(SELECT(TEMP[changecount], IN(today(),LIST(TEMP[days]))))’ for log.

But when the output of Log is 0, Table permission is not READ_ONLY but ADDS_AND_DELETES.

Instead of changecount type column, When I use just number type column, The result is READ_ONLY! ( log is 0 )

So, I think this problem is about column type. How can I use first formula included changecount column for table permission?

Always Thank your kindness.

(Steven Coile) #2

LIST(TEMP[days]) may be a problem. TEMP[days] is a column list, which is a list already. It shouldn’t then be wrapped in LIST().

(Steven Coile) #3

What happens if you wrap MAX(…) in NUMBER()?

(서동빈) #4

MAX(SELECT(TEMP[changecount], IN([days],LIST(today())))). Sorry, Again, I used this formula. but problem still exists.

(서동빈) #5

When I use ‘MAX(SELECT(TEMP[numberColumn], IN([days],LIST(today()))))’, If the result of log was 0, permission was set to READ_ONLY as intended.

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Did I lose my chance to get answer?TT

(Steven Coile) #7

Did you try NUMBER(MAX(…))?

(서동빈) #8

ahhh, Sorry. I misunderstand your advice. Just now , I try max() in number. but the problem remains. And before save, I tested. Test result is as intended( When criteria is 0, READ_ONLY else ADDS_AND_DELETES ). But after save, the app don’t show that result. It seems to be a bug.

(Steven Coile) #9

Yes, it sounds like a bug. Please report it to support@appsheet.com.