Hello team, I have two tables, matches and pl...

(sergio f) #1

Hello team, I have two tables, matches and players. [id] in Players table is a ref column to ‘matches’ table, so that when I show matches_detail view, all added players (player_inline) referring to this match are displayed, as I expect. The problem is when I try to place ‘player_inline’ view inside a dashboard. My purpose is to create a dashboard displaying a view with specific match details and one related list of players as a deck view next to first one.

The result is that all players are displayed, even those related to other matches. In short, I can’t preserve the right reference within these two tables, depending on what I’m visualizing in the first match_detail view. I haven’t found yet a solution. Any advice? Thanks in advance

(Aleksi Alkio) #2

If you choose one match from your list, does it change the inline view then?

(sergio f) #3

@Aleksi_Alkio The inline view correctly changes only in the match detail view, at the bottom as ‘Related_players’ column. But if I put the same view (player_inline) in my dashboard it doesn’t change anymore, it displays all records (all players).

So I would like: from matches table- select match – go to the dashboard where you can display match detail on the left, related players of that match on the right. If I change match, players should change dynamically as well, but they don’t at the moment. Maybe I should custom a new view with some kind of formula I can’t find…

(Aleksi Alkio) #4

Create 3 views for your Dashboard. Matches, Match details and inline view. Please remember to choose the option “Interactive mode” as well.

(sergio f) #5

I solved the problem, thanks!