Hello Team I just want to control the input v...

(John Henry Joseph) #1

Hello Team I just want to control the input value on a particular column based on another one. For Example. I need approved date column ONLY if approved column says YES. Otherwise l should not save the date value. What I did that I filled approved column YES then I filled approved date and then go back to Approved column to make it blank. Still I noticed that filled approved date is there. I applied all conditions like showif, Requiredif, Editif etc. Any one solve my issue? I ll be very grateful to you. Thanks

(Steven Coile) #2

Set the Initial value for [approved date] to =if(not([approved]), “”, today()). Set both Required_If and Valid_If for [approved date] to =[approved].

The initial value setting will initially set [approved date] to today’s date if [approved] is true/yes.

Setting Required_If makes [approved date] required if [approved] is true/yes.

Setting Valid_If renders any [approved date] invalid if [approved] is not true/yes, forcing the user to blank [approved date] before saving.

(John Henry Joseph) #3

Thanks lot Steven