Hello team, I need a little help here to find...

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Hello team, I need a little help here to find what’s causing my app to sync so slow. I checked at the performance details and I see it takes an average of 10 seconds per table just to read it, not including the time it takes to compute virtual columns. I’m a little bit worried, since there are tables wich are not large at all and I can’t imagine how long it’s going to take when my tables start getting larger. Table TARIFAS, for instance, it’s only 3 columns and 81 rows

and it takes over 21 seconds just to read it.

The name of the app is OFI Entregas.

Could you please check it out and see if I’m missing out something?



Hi @Martin_Todorovich1, I see there are several tables that take 10+ seconds just to read as well as a few that take much longer due to virtual columns on top of that. It will take some investigation to see if we can find the source of the slowness. Do these sheets contain formulas as well? When you open these sheets directly in Google Sheets, do you see any delay there in loading the sheet?

It’s possible the bulk read method is not efficient for these sheets, you could try turning that off and see if becomes any faster.

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I attempted to look at your app but it not currently runnable.

Please let me know when it is working again and I can investigate the perf issue.

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Hello Guys! Thanks for your help!

Sheets contained some formulas, but I just deleted them, regenerated the tables but it made no difference.

There’s no delay when I open directly in google sheet, nor was before removing the formulas.

I tried to disable the bulk read option but it made no difference.

After a few changes, I got an error of “column missmatch” in a few tables. There I remembered that I’ve been playing with the spreadsheet adding and deleting a few columns. So I regenerated all of my tables and now sync time reduced from 80 or more seconds, to 17 or so. Wich is great!

So, I’ll save you the troubleshooting: I think the app takes longer to sync when tables have more or less columns than the actual spreadsheet. What it’s weird, is that I didn’t get the column missmatch error before. You guys could take a look in to that, perhaps?

So bottom line, problem solved!

Thankyou VERY MUCH! Till the next doubt =)


Glad you got it figured out, having a lot of empty rows and columns can have a big impact because we need to analyze the sheet whenever we read it and detect the bounds of the actual data (since it can change anytime without our knowledge). I should have linked this article, which mentions removing those along with some other suggestions. Improving the speed of Sync help.appsheet.com

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Having worksheets in the workbook that are not used by your app can also slow things down.

Not sure if that applies in your case, but it helps to remove unused worksheets from your workbook.